TNS 2013.10.31

Ate too much Taco Bell; new Google Street View of Martin Lindstedt's home analyzed; fed up with Talkshoe chat spammers; Israel bombs Syria and Gaza Strip; much more!

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Is TEAIdaho dead?; Obamacare coverup; whitespace power spammer attacks Talkshoe chat; Was Israel behind French phone hacking scandal?; Postal worker fired for throwing away mail gets hired for state job; Puffy debates Obamacare; NYC raises age for smoking; Spofford finally shuts down; Celtic Brony says he went to Spofford; NewsGuy finds out what a blanket party is.

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TNS 2013.10.29

Obamacare and NSA scandals continue to plague the Obama administration; why spying on foreign goverments is a good thing; sentences handed down in South Africa's Boeremag trial; military gunboats filmed patrolling Louisiana canals; why is digging a grave so hard?; much more!

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TNS 2013.10.28

Obamacare fallout continues; NSA spying scandal expands; NewsGuy calls into Talkshoe Support to talk about whitespace flooding; Debi Daly's meltdown on the Jay Sands show; was the Arab Spring a CIA operation?

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Craig Cobb Interview (2013.10.19.02)

Craig Cobb talks about his attempt to make the tiny town of Leith, North Dakota (pop. 19) into America's first White Nationalist enclave.

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Drunken Puffy (2013.10.19.03)

Puffy, aka UF, calls in after a night of heavy drinking and tries to debate politics.

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2013.10.11: The Chad Factor, Kenneth Johnson

Chad, the host of The Chad Factor, talks about the mysterious death of Kendrick Johnson, an African-American youth who was found dead wrapped up in an exercise mat in his high school gym. An autopsy done later on Kendrick showed his organs were harvested and his body stuffed with newspaper.

Chad and NewsGuy also discuss several incidents of black-on-white hate crimes committed by Black Nationalists, including the Zebra Killers and the history Al Sharpton.

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Iceland News (2013.02.02.02)

From 2013.02.02: Iceland wins IceSave lawsuit; Icelandic girl wins right to legally use her name; Icelandic government kicks out FBI agents investigating Wikileaks; Eurovision song contest entry announced.

The Lloyd-vs-Woger Primer

Roger "woger" Wiseman
A comprehensive primer on one the longest-running Internet feuds, between ham radio operators Roger Wiseman and Lloyd Davies. Including: how the feud started, how Roger got the names "woger" and "curtains Wiseman", and much more.

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