2013.09.25: Linda4444

Linda4444 claims her family is now being stalked and harassed because of The NewsGuy Show. While nobody affiliated with The NewsGuy Show has published any information on her family, NewsGuy tells his listeners to leave Linda4444 alone. Linda4444 and pdemsky make up, sort of.

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2013.09.24: NewsGuy on Linda4444

The ongoing battle with Linda4444 continues with a two-year-old interview she gave with Daniel Ott resurfacing.

In the interview, Linda4444 explains she was able to travel the world as the manager of flamenco dancer Antonio Vargas. NewsGuy notes other inconsistancies with the information Linda4444 gives; feedback issues are a constant factor in phone calls she makes, which may indicate she is recording her conversations. Other issues about Linda4444's lies and deception are discussed.

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2013.09.23: Linda4444

Linda4444 admits working for this "3-letter organization"
Self-described Targeted Individual, Linda4444, continues to address the allegations that her work for a "three-letter organization" allowed her to travel the world, and explains her extensive ties to various law enforcement agencies.

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2013.09.20: Linda4444 vs. Pdemsky

Targeted Individual, Linda4444, calls in to address things being said about her in the chatroom. 

Hilarity ensues after Paul Demsky asks her about the "three-letter organization" she belonged to, and Linda4444 denies ever having said she worked for a government agency.

2013.09.19: Celebrity, TI

Are celebrities, including Dave Chappelle, Martin Lawrence, and Kat Williams, victims of Organized Stalking? How could these and other stars become Targeted Individuals? NewsGuy and Paul Demsky discuss!

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2013.09.02: Debi Daly's Stalkers

Blogtalk Radio's Debi Daly talks about some of her most recent stalkers; one of these alleged trolls was set to interview NewsGuy the night before, but he missed the show because of a headcold.

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2013.09.16: NewsGuy vs. Martin Lindstedt: Recap

Pastor Martin Lindstedt
NewsGuy gives an overview of last Sunday's verbal altercation with Pastor Martin Lindstedt, which took place on Paul Demsky's Anything Goes. Clips of the fight, and Marty's take on what happened, are played.

NewsGuy also explains how the feud between he and Pastor Martin originated.

Paul Demsky also calls in to announce that he will have Marty on for a full hour next week to hear him out.

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2013.09.16: Pillz Demsky

Pdemsky explains how he's employed the ACLU in his current battle against doctor shopping charges, how the perps are now targeting Bo the Pig, and why John of SI is wrong on the Iraq War.

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2013.09.16: N9OGL Drama

N9OGL tries out paragliding
The fallout from Todd "N9OGL" Daugherty's defense of anime and lolicon last Saturday continues. Fellow ham radio operator Lloyd Davies calls in to disavow and friendship with N9OGL and blast him as a "moral degenerate," while another caller impersonates Todd, admitting to his dark tendencies.

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2013.09.16: Navy Yard Shooting

Monday's tragic mass shooting at the Washington, D.C. Navy Yard is covered, and NewsGuy asks the hard questions. Why is this not being called a terrorist attack? Or a HATE CRIME? Why are the progressives whining for gun control? This and much more!

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2013.09.15: N9OGL Defends Anime and Lolicon

Ham radio operator Todd "N9OGL" Daugherty defends his anime-lolicon collection on free speech grounds, and accusations he is a latent pedophile. Blogtalk Radio's Debi Daly, Mr. Midnight Movie, and Jewish Producer also call in to give their opinions on this highly controversial subject.

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2013.09.15: Syria

The U.S. and Russia announce a deal on eliminating Syria's chemical weapons cache. But is that the end, or just the beginning of nuclear disarmament talks between the two nations? And will those discussions include Israel and Iran's nuclear programs?

2013.09.15: Paula Deen's Comeback

As Southern chef Paula Deen begins her road to redemption after her recent "Enner" controversy, NewsGuy explores some alternative career choices she can do while making her comeback.

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2013.08.27: The Aborted Chuck VanWaTi Interview

Technical difficulties and a difficult subject turn Chuck VanWaTi's going live with his full name and personal information, a major "get" for the NewsGuy Show, into a train wreck. Hilarity ensues after NewsGuy bails out of the interview early, accusing Pdem and Chuck of conspiring to troll him and turning him into a Targeted Individual.

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